Thursday, November 12, 2020

TCDB Trade Recap: Cards From Washtucna, WA

One of the things I'm finding I'm enjoying a lot about trading on the TCDB is looking through someone's trade list and finding cards that I never thought about acquiring before. Case in point, this recent trade with a guy named James:

In addition to a couple 1981 Topps needs, I managed to find myself some wood-grained Canadian cards, plus some Red Sox legends!
Favorite Card: I'm digging that box bottom Jim Rice a lot, but the photograph on Dewey's card is just phenomenal!  I'd seriously like to see a higher quality Stadium Club card with that photo!
Thanks for the trade, James!


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  2. That Evans card is an underrated classic. Lots of ladies behind home plate that day.

    1. Totally agree with Bo! Love that card (because of the well cropped action shot... never noticed the ladies until today).

  3. The Evans card is fantastic. Topps had some great photos in the '91 set, and that's one I'd overlooked.