Monday, November 23, 2020

Payday Pack - Trying To Score

Back in the "Before Times" I would celebrate my bi-weekly payday by heading to the local Wally World and treating myself to a pack of baseball cards. Those days seem forever ago, as my local store continues to have barren shelves with scarcely any packs to be had. 

I did however have some luck at my local CVS in the form of a repack box. I needed some fresh cards for my haiku series, and satisfied by itch to open at least temporarily.
The repack box contained one unopened pack of 1990 Score. Since this may be the closest I get to opening a pack in awhile, let's take a trip back 30 years and see what gems we can unearth...

3rd Place

1990 Score #310 Roger Clemens
It's safe to say in 1990 Roger Clemens was my favorite player, and pulling this card would have been a cause for celebration when I was 15. Wow, even for a team with the color red in their name, that border just overpowers the card, doesn't it?

2nd Place

1990 Score #487 Kirk Gibson
It almost seems appropriate after the latest World Series that the sweet swing of Dodger icon Kirk Gibson would make an appearance. This is just an all-around great photo, but it's nowhere near the best in the pack...

1st Place

1990 Score #172 Mike Heath
This, my friends, is the clear champion. Be honest - how many of you recall this card from back in the day? I know I didn't. This is an amazing shot, and probably one of the best cards in the whole set. It makes be happy to rediscover such a underappreciated card, and is one of the key reasons why repacks are fun to open!
Other Contestants Not Appearing On Stage:
#73 Vance Law
#87 Rick Mahler
#93 Pete Incaviglia
#330 Jim Abbott
#315 Dennis Eckersley
#55 Willie McGee (The MVP's insert)
#676 Kiki Jones (FRDP)
#481 Tom Glavine
#484 Mike Bielecki
#168 Ron Hassey
#152 Barry Jones
#609 Mike Stanton (RC)
#611 Charles Nagy (RC)
#629 Chris Hammond (RC)


  1. I don't remember that card either but a great photo. Busted a tone of this set throughout the years. Nice pull.

  2. I think the last time I saw cards in a CVS was the same year that pack came out!

  3. I still have a ton of these cards but still don't know if I have the complete set. I especially like that Gibson card. That Mike Heath card is pretty awesome too.

  4. CVS has repacks? Mine is too small but they're building a bigger one, so I'll have to check it out in a few months.

    The itch to rip is no joke. I tried Target but they only had non-sports/kid stuff where all the sports cards used to be. So I placed an order with Dave & Adam's instead.

  5. Haven't been to a CVS in years, but it's good to know that they carry cards.

    By the way... I bought a box of 1990 Score rack packs a few years to use when I teach fractions with my 5th graders in summer school. Since I probably won't be teaching summer school next year, I decided to bring home a few packs in hopes of pulling an extra Bo. I didn't. Don't remember seeing the Heath either, but I did pull a Frank Thomas.

  6. It'd be interesting to know if Kirby was safe or not?