Monday, November 30, 2020

Narrowing Down The 2020 List

Last year, I took it upon myself to go through and make a Top 10 list of the Greatest Red Sox cards for 2019. It was insane, and it was almost impossible to narrow my choices down to just 10. So why not go back down the rabbit hole and do it again this year?
This year has been easier. Funny how when your team isn't coming off a World Championship the number of great cards decreases significantly. After going through all the major sets, I hand-picked 25 potential candidates. I was able to cull a few from there easy enough, and the Top 6 cards came to light rather easily.
Just like last year, the back end of cards is where it gets tough. I have 12 cards left, and only 4 spots available. I figured why not take an informal poll and see what my readership thinks. I'll present a group of cards that I think are similar in nature and you can comment with your choice for each group. Full disclaimer here, I'm not automatically awarding the remaining spots to the cards with the highest vote totals. I'm just curious to see what other would pick, and why.

Which of these cards is the greatest? 

Group A: "Fielder's Choice"


Group B: "There Is No I In Team"


Group C: "Mama's Little Baby Like Short Prints, Short Prints" 


Group D: "Above The Rest" 


Again, the winner of each group doesn't automatically make my Top 10. It just gives me added perspectives as I decide which cards make the cut. 

What say you, loyal readers? Which cards would you choose as the best of the year?


  1. I'd pick all the cards in Group C above any of the cards in Group A. Those kind of shots have gotten rather commonplace these days.

    Also how are the Red Sox one of the Decade's Best of the 1950s? They never finished above third place in the decade.

  2. A: Xander
    B: Not a fan of "Decade's Best" designs so by default the first card
    C: Ted Williams but all three are tremendous
    D: Big Papi

    Honestly, I'd agree with Bo that the three cards in group C should be in first with one card from the remaining three groups (my vote would go to the Big Papi in D for that fourth slot).

  3. Nomar, 1950s, Ted Williams, "Big Papi". I think the Nomar is probably the best of the bunch, but the Big Papi nickname card is great too.

  4. Nomar, 1950s, Ted's car, Big Papi - I snickered outloud at "mama's little baby loves short prints." And - I just noticed I picked the same cards Brett did!

  5. Xander, left, Williams, Big Papi.

  6. My choices would be Bogaerts, the 1950s Red Sox, Ted Williams' yellow car, and the BIG Papi.