Friday, June 25, 2021

It's The Little Things

Thanks to some unexpected kindness from Jim (Cards As I See Them), I have completed another set!

OK so the set itself isn't that impressive - it's just an insert set...from the junk wax era...consisting of a total of six cards...but that doesn't matter! It's finished, and I'm happy!

These were the final three cards I needed to knock off the League Standouts set from 1990 Fleer. They were inserted one per rack pack (Does anyone else besides me miss rack packs? I loved those things.) This particular insert always stood out to me because of the multiplicity effect used with each player. It was cool then, and still cool now. 
Thanks for the cards Jim!


  1. A. Congratulations on completing this set.

    B. I totally miss rack packs. I remember I'd receive one on special occasions as a kid.

  2. Nice of Jim to finish off this set for you. Rack packs were great, and random acts of kindness (RAKs) are just as nice. I've been thinking of rack packs lately while preparing some cards for my next PWE swap meet.

  3. Got 'em. Thanks.

    Sent yours on Wednesday.