Friday, May 20, 2022

Antique Mall Pack War (Canadian Rules Edition) #1

Last week, I wrote about my trip to the Factory Antique Mall, where I picked up some unopened packs of 1992 O-Pee-Chee. I thought it would be fun to open two of those packs and have a good old fashioned pack war to see which pack was better.

It's all about star power, so I'll award 1 point for every All-Star Game nod a player gets, plus additional points for the major awards (MVP, CY, ROY) and for a Hall of Fame player. Add a point for every Red Sox card, and subtract a point for every Yankee that makes an appearance!

Since these are OPC packs, I thought it'd be fun to add some extra "Canadian" points! One point will be awarded to a card for every:
  • Blue Jay or Expos player
  • Card with transactional text on it ("Now with...")
  • Cards that appear in the O-Pee-Chee set but don't appear in the Topps base set
Easy enough, right? Which pack will reign supreme?

Pack #1

Mike Moore - 1 point (All-Star)
Tim Belcher - 1 point (Now With)
Brett Butler - 1 point (All-Star)
Delino DeShields - 1 point (Expos)
Jesse Barfield - 0 points (All-Star, but on the Yankees)
Ken Griffey - 3 points (3x All-Star)
Dave Haas, Joe Orsulak, Milt Thompson, and Bill Gullickson - 0 points

Technically, 6 out of the 10 cards in this pack scored points, for a total of 7 points. Ken Griffey Sr. is the star card here, as the only player to make multiple All-Star teams. Ironically, Jesse Barfield is best remembered for his time with the Blue Jays, but suffers for ending his career as a Yankee.

7 points seems like a fairly easy point total to surpass. Can our second pack do it?

Pack #2

Mike Jackson - 1 point (Now With)
Ozzie Guillen - 3 points (3x All-Star)
Mike Boddicker - 1 point (All-Star)
Mike Flanagan - 2 points (All-Star, Cy Young Award winner)
Frank Tanana - 3 points (3x All-Star)
Al Shirley, Kirk Dressendorfer, Jim Olander, Tracy Jones, Bobby Rose - 0 points
Despite having basically the same number of cards scoring points, our second pack is led by multiple All-Stars Ozzie Guillen and Frank Tanana as well as former Cy Young winner Mike Flanagan. (I forgot he won the award - thank goodness for!)  
Pack #2 scores 10 points, and wins the day!

In all honesty, these two packs were pretty "meh". I'm hoping the other two packs have a little more thunder in them. We shall see!


  1. I thought you had gotten OPC Premier. Base OPC is more fun. Are there cards in the '92 OPC set that are not in the Topps set?

    1. The 92 OPC base set has 4 cards in a Gary Carter tribute. I have a factory set.

    2. For some reason, OPC didn't include the 22 All-Star cards from the Topps set. In addition to the Carter tribute subset, they filed those numbers with other players.

  2. Ahh Mike Flanagan.. The Bird Sandwich. Oriole bread with Blue Jay meat..

  3. The Orioles had a good run of Cy Young Awards. Six in a twelve-year span.

  4. Creative pack war. I like the "Now With" and Canadian team bonuses.

  5. Will any of these be appearing in the Time Travel trade posts?

  6. I wasn't planning on it, but if there's something you want I'd be open to trading it. Make me an offer!