Friday, May 27, 2022

Trapped In Time: Remnants Of The 17th Trade

Well, I'm 0-3. These Trapped In Time posts aren't having the effect I was hoping for, and last month's card gets added to my collection. I'm going to try and add a little incentive this time around. Like last month, today's featured card comes from former Now And Zen blogger Dawn.
Trade #17 (Dawn: Now And Zen)
Traded 06/21/18: 1979 Topps #455 Bill Lee

Received 06/22/18:
  • 1970 Brooke Bond North American Wildlife in Danger #32 Polar Bear
In requesting the '79 Bill Lee, Dawn teased "a 1970 tea card card that will add a wild flavor the adventure!" She sent me this very cool polar bear card. When I got it, it was listed in the TCDB under the 1970 Brooke Bond North American Wildlife in Danger set, but the name of the set has been changed multiple times on the database since. According to the change log, it's been referred to as:
(I'm actually rather happy that the set is officially connected to Red Rose Tea. My grandmother drank that tea all the time, and collected the animal figurines that came with them. She would give me her "doubles" - which I'm pretty sure I still have in a box somewhere.)


Anyway, it's time for this card to be traded or retired. As additional incentive, if someone offers a trade for this card, I'll donate $10 to the ALS Association! Make me an offer!

Edit: Thanks to Night Owl, the ALS Association has a donation!

Thanks Greg!


  1. You got me with the ALS connection. I'll trade for it.

  2. Very cool of you to make a donation. I looked up the number of polar bears around the world in 1970 compared to now. Didn't see any specific numbers, but overall it looks like their population has grown.