Monday, July 4, 2022

Happy Independence Day!

Just a quick little post wishing all of my readers a Happy 4th of July! I'm currently on vacation in New York visiting my family, so hopefully I'll be watching some fireworks over beautiful Lake Erie.

2015 Panini USA
Stars & Stripes - Fireworks
#8 Kyle Schwarber

Hopefully I'll feel "patriotic" watching my kids with Sparky, I mean sparklers... (Yes I squeezed this in here just to get some extra entries into the contest at It's Like Having My Own Card Shop!)

2014 Choice Somerset Patriots
#30 Sparky Lyle (MGRE)
Maybe I'll enjoy a freshly grilled hot dog...
2017 Topps Opening Day - Incredible Eats
#IE-16 Kayem Fenway Frank
and wash it down with a (root) beer or two.
1958 Hires Root Beer #44 Hank Aaron
However you enjoy today, I hope it's relaxing, fun, and safe. Happy Independence Day, America!

2018 Topps #659 Arizona Diamondbacks (TC)


  1. Happy 4th! Enjoy that vacation!

  2. Sounds like a nice vacation. Happy 4th! I think Sparkly Lyle is coaching somewhere upstate, but not near Lake Erie.

  3. Happy 4th. Might you be in Western NY? ... I've spent many a 4th there. Great times and the best fireworks shows.

    1. I am! I watched the fireworks over Lake Erie!