Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Spring Training 2018 Game #2 - Twins at Pirates


I'm a Red Sox fan.  The two other gentleman I am with are Yankee fans. Over the years, we've adopted the Pirates as a mutually agreed upon second favored team. We usually stay in Bradenton where the Pirates play. Lecom Park is a beautiful place to watch a game and it's usually the one place we visit yearly.

Today was a great game V's the Twins. The Pirates came back from a 6-2 deficit to win a slugfest 11-8.

The starting lineup

In game action

Migel Sano on 3rd

Pirates bullpen

Lecom Park at McKechnie Field

Selfie with a pirate!

Today established a new personal best for autographs with 11 signatures between both teams. No All Stars, but still very cool. Here's the first signature on the ball, Twins backup catcher Mitch Garver.

Home Runs hit (5): Sano, Bell, Dozier, Osuna, Bostick

Amusing Moment: Late in the game, the Twin centerfielder and left fielder were named "Granite" and "Cave".

Answer to yesterday's game: Blue Jays Quality Control Coach (whatever that is) Mike Mordecai.

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  1. A mutually agreed upon second team is an awesome concept. And the pirate selfie is even better!

    My lifelong bff is a Mordecai, and he has a brother named Mike. Back when Mike Mordecai played (for Atlanta) I gave my friend's brother a card of his namesake. He was quite thrilled.