Monday, July 27, 2020

Johnny's Trading Spot BFG (July Edition)

I didn't forget this time! After missing out on Johnny's BFG for June, I made sure I was around for this month's offering. I landed the coveted 5th spot, which allowed me to see a bunch of cards before deciding what to pick/steal. A sweet lot of Hall of Famers were revealed right before my turn, and I decided to steal them!

According to the rules of the BFG, whoever picks 1st gets the final chance to keep what they picked or steal someone else's prize. In this case, those Hall of Fame cards got double-stolen, and they were no longer mine!

I had a choice now. I could take what Player #1 gave up, or pick one of the unclaimed lots. Seeing what was given up, the choice was pretty easy:

You can't go wrong with vintage! Beautiful, beat-up, vintage from the 1963 Topps set!

Favorite Card: There's just something about those old team cards, right?

Thanks once again for the cards, Johnny!

EDIT: Johnny has signups for August available now! Sign up and get some cards!


  1. You did great! That was one of the best prizes yet in that game.

  2. I was Player #1, lol. Although I do collect vintage baseball, I only collect as far back as 1969. 1963 Topps are not within the scope of my collection (or budget) and would just end up being trade bait. I'm glad they ended up where they would be more appreciated. Nice going!

    1. I gotta admit I was surprised when you gave them up!