Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Repack Haiku #159 (Michael Barrett/Ben Davis/Robert Fick)

One was an All-Star
One won a Silver Slugger
All had long careers

1999 Topps #208 Prospects
(Michael Barrett/Ben Davis/Robert Fick)

Barrett won a Silver Slugger for the Cubs in 2005. Although he didn't play, Fick made the 2002 All-Star team as a reserve. Davis, despite the lack of hardware, was still good enough to carve out a 7 year MLB career.


  1. I remember Ben Davis for his days with the Padres. His name stood out because a lot of people wore Ben Davis jackets, shirts, and overalls back in high school. I was more of a Dickies guy though.

  2. A haiku that includes three players - nicely done!