Friday, July 3, 2020

TCDB Trade Recap: Cards From Greensburg, PA

A Happy Independence Day weekend to all! It's going to be weird without all the big fireworks displays, but hopefully you'll spend it with good food and good friends!

I'm slowly working my way back into trading. I'm still trying to limit my trips to the post office to no more than twice a month. One of my latest trades was with a TCDB member named Alan, who took a small stack of my 2019 Topps Holiday doubles in exchange for some Red Sox needs:

He even threw in a few bonus cards - the Tazawa and Betts.

Favorite Card: I like the jump/throw action on Lowell's card!

Thanks for the trade, Alan!

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  1. I like that mini-disc Mookie, and the OD Devers. Raffy is quickly becoming my favorite Sox star now that Pedroia is pretty much done.