Friday, July 10, 2020

First Impressions - 2020 Topps Big League

I almost missed it. I was picking up some quick supplies at the local Wally World, when I passed by the card aisle. I took a quick glance, and saw the same empty shelves I have been seeing for the past few weeks. No new product yet, I thought. As luck would have it, the register opposite that aisle was unoccupied when it came time to check out, so I ended up getting a closer look anyway. There, among the unorganized packs of Series 1 and Heritage, I saw it. One single lone pack of Topps Big League. I put it in my cart, too overjoyed that I finally had something new to rip. As always, I jotted down my initial thought as I perused each card.

#242 2019 NL Doubles Leaders (BLB)

The first card of the pack was this League Leaders card. I actually won an online contest last year by correctly guessing that Rendon would lead the league in doubles (He actually tied for the lead with Seager, with Albies coming in 1 double behind!)

It's been stated by better writers by me, but the card design is very clean and well done. It invokes designs reminiscent to a couple of older sets produced at a time I didn't collect, so I'm not going to compare. I'll just say I'm pleased with it.

#112 Buster Posey

The back is also well-designed. Plenty of information, little underused space. The trivia continues to be where Big Leagues separates itself from other sets. (Posey's is awesome, by the way. Takes him up a few notches on the respect meter!)

#201 Trevor Bauer
#252 AL SLG Leaders (BLB)
#17 Roberto Perez
#96 Hunter Dozier
#262 AL IP Leaders (BLB)
#160 Kris Bryant
#210 Ketel Marte
#119 Andrew Benintendi

My first Red Sox card is a beaut! What a great action shot, you can almost see the motion of the play!

#238 NL Runs Leaders (BLB)
#129 Dansby Swanson
#52 J.T. Realmuto
#277 Josh Donaldson (AW)

Last year's Award Winners subset was awesome, especially the Christian Yelich/J.D. Martinez cards featuring none other than the legendary Hank Aaron himself.  Although this one doesn't quite measure up, I like that they're including Comeback Player of The Year.

#108 Bo Bichette (RC)
#124 Wil Myers
#189 Carlos Correa (Orange parallel)
#SCO-BA Brian Anderson (Star Character Reproduction insert)

Maybe it's me, but I'm not a big fan of these. I think I'm just getting tired of all these art cards.

#FO-5 Aristides Aquino (Flipping Out insert)

Wow, this has a very 90's feel to it, doesn't it? I'm not sure about it. I like the concept, but in this particular card, having half the bat cropped out seems like a failure in execution.

#DW-5 D.J. LeMahieu (Defensive Wizards insert)

As a Sci-Fi/Fantasy fan, I love the otherworldly backgrounds. Any defensive themed set that doesn't include Jackie Bradley Jr isn't really trying though...

#165 Daniel Murphy (Orange parallel)
#89 Paul Goldschmidt (Orange parallel)

Orange you glad there are borders in this set? Not my favorite color, but I'll bet teams like the Orioles and Astros will look good.

#28 Shohei Ohtani
#37 Jesus Aguilar
#15 Miguel Sano
#139 Nico Hoerner (RC)
#223 Hunter Renfroe
#297 Mike Fiers (HL)

Not going to lie, I completely forgot "The Informant" pitched a no-hitter last year! It'll be interesting seeing him pitch against Houston this season.

#152 Christian Walker
#90 Xander Bogaerts

We wrap up the deck with one more Sox card, young star Xander Bogaerts! Not a bad way to end a pack!

Overall, I like this set over anything else that's been released so far. If the store ever gets properly restocked, I may even pick up a few more packs!


  1. I wonder if Astros fans will make banging sounds when Fiers is on the mound. I'd love to see his reaction.

  2. Looks like a really fun pack! Love that Benintendi card, and of course the Bogaerts.

  3. I was really impressed how great the cards looked this year after the past 2 years. I got the other 2 sets but I think this set is heads above the others.

  4. I agree 100% re:the Caricatures and Defensive Wizards insert sets. Also, Benny better have been called safe, lol.