Friday, July 9, 2021

First Impressions: 2021 Stadium Club

When it comes to finding cards in the wild (retail), I'm apparently having better luck in my part of the country than most. Every few weeks seem to find something. My big hope was that this run of luck would continue when Stadium Club got released. Lo and behold, last week I was able to buy two hanger boxes! Since I can now look at these cards in person, I can give you my first impression:
#18 Garrett Crochet (RC)

First card honor goes to this rookie I have never heard of before. Stadium Club continues with it's full-bleed photography and minimalist design. I'm still not a fan of the abbreviated team letters, but using all upper case letters in the name is preferable to the all lowercase letters that they used last year. It does seem the foiling on the names leads to some readability issues.
#2 Giancarlo Stanton
#84 Keibert Ruiz (RC)
#SCG-24 Chipper Jones (Club Greats insert - red parallel)

My first insert is a red parallel of the Stadium Greats set - not a fan of reproducing cards for the sake of reproducing them, even less of a fan of insets getting the parallel treatment.
#291 Jose Abreu
#284 Kyle Schwarber
#220 Juan Soto
#255 Aaron Judge (Stadium Club Chrome Refractor insert)

The Chrome Refractors are back again this year. I hate to admit, but Judge got a sweet looking card that looks great with the refractor treatment.
#184 Jackie Robinson (Red Foil parallel)

Unofficial rule of blogging: Jackie Robinson cards must always be shown.
#223 Ken Griffey Jr.
#13 Dominic Smith
#214 Brailyn Marquez (RC)
#110 Sixto Sanchez (RC)
#7 Nate Pearson (Sepia parallel)

I appreciate the attempt to do something different, but I've never really liked the Sepia cards. They just look dull.
#83 Edward Olivares (RC)
#163 Michael Conforto
#187 Chris Sale

The one Red Sox card in the box goes to the ace of the staff getting closer and closer to returning to the mound. If he's anything close to what he was before injury, the Red Sox might run away with the division.
#197 Johnny Bench

This may be the greatest card of the set. Johnny Bench with a huge bouquet of balloons and a loosly knotted tie is something you won't see often!
#95 Kyle Seager (Red Foil parallel)
#173 Joey Gallo
#206 Kenta Maeda
#180 Marcell Ozuna
#93 JaCoby Jones
#VR-25 Max Scherzer (Virtual Reality insert - red parallel)

I've apparently selected a red parallel hot box. Another red insert, this time of Mad Max.

#181 Jake Croenworth
#14 Braxton Garrett (RC)
#60 Ketel Marte
#21 Lou Gehrig

I haven't shown off the back yet, so lets correct that now. The background design seems a bit more muted than in years past, but that's OK because I can read the text and stats without a magnifying glass!

#168 Daulton Varsho (Red Foil parallel)
#91 Brandon Crawford
#154 Mike Piazza
#37 Shohei Ohtani
#12 Didi Gregorius
#272 Yoan Moncada (Black Foil parallel)

Along with the Red Foil and Sepia parallels, we also get the Black Foil set. Black just doesn't pop out at you like the red does, but at least it looks good when the team utilizes black in their uniforms.

#50 Dylan Carlson (RC)
#71 Clayton Kershaw

Every set should have at least one card of someone with the World Series trophy. Just my opinion.

#207 Dansby Swanson
#236 Ty Cobb
#200 Mike Trout (Red Foil parallel)
#42 Jack Flaherty
#08PDC Dylan Carlson (Original Base Master Photo Variation insert)

The bonus box card is this Master Photo Variation. I'm not sure what the thought process was here. It's not overly exciting, and its non-standard size is going to make storage a challenge. 

Love the base set, not a fan of the inserts and parallels - Stadium Club is consistent at least!



  1. Boy, Topps is really going all-in on making players' names unreadable. That Bench card is great, though.

    1. Photography is fantastic, but I'm with Bo. Very hard to read the names.

    2. How many times do they have to create an unreadable foil name text?!

  2. Nice Judge. I hope Sale returns too. It would help the Red Sox get even further ahead of the Yankees, which would be unfortunate, but Sale is a favorite of mine, and I miss him.

  3. good looking cards and you make some great points. i just can't get past topps coloring the number on the back of jackie's uniform red. they had to have heard about this issue when they did it last year on a dodger insert card. they seem to not care too much about being correct. i guess topps is gonna topps.
    i bought a box and have my post set to show up tonight.

    1. Yeah, I thought that looked off! They probably should have just kept that and the Bench in black and white. The artificial coloring bugs me. But otherwise, cool cards!

  4. I haven't seen that Bench card yet, very cool!!

  5. That is a lot of parallels! The Jackie is great, of course, and I agree that the WS trophy should appear in every major set. That Bench is really quirky.Where does Topps find these photos? I'm glad they haven't run out of images for the all-time greats.

  6. I can only imagine how hard it would be to try and build a set through packs/boxes with all of these parallels.

  7. Thanks for showing off the cards! Lucky you finding cards in the wild...I caved and lucked into a blaster of Series 2 and Stadium Club from the Target website and will get that soon.