Friday, July 23, 2021

Not To Brag, But I Also Won The Home Run Derby

The Polar Bear ain't got nothing on me!

Sure, it was an impressive display of power as Pete Alonso went on to win this year's Home Run Derby. I guess I have to tip my hat in appreciation of his back-to-back wins. I'm not saying he didn't do great things, because he did.

But could Alonso have predicted that he would win? (Probably, those athletes are a rather confident lot.)

OK, but could he have guessed the exact number of home runs he would hit during the event? (Yeah, neither could I. But I came close!)

So close in fact that I was named the winner of a small little game played over at the TCDB. One of the members, Chris (aka Speks) gave away some cards to whoever came closest to predicting the winner and number of home runs hit. I was one of a few to correctly state Alonso would win, and my guess of 65 taters was just 9 off of his actual total of 74. 

My prize was a set of cards depicting each of this year's Derby participants:

Favorite Card: Ironically, most of these cards show the player post-swing tracking a ball! It's a tough call, but I'll go with Ohtani and Stadium Club's photographic excellence.

Thanks for the cards and the fun contest Chris!


  1. Some cool cards there. I also like the Ohtani best.

  2. Nice prize! Congratulations Matt, on winning the contest. I was 3rd in that contest (I also predicted Alonso would win but guessed he would hit only 60 HRs). Will Alonso win it for the 3rd year in a row next year?

  3. Good job on the contest win!

  4. That's a neat little prize pack! I'm partial to Perez and Soto as players but you can't go wrong with Stadium Club and/or Ohtani!