Thursday, June 29, 2017

Payday Pack - Arch Madness

Awhile back, I showed off a discounted Stadium Club pack. I actually bought the last two packs, and haven't had a chance to show off the second pack until now. Although I love the Stadium Club sets, I don't buy a lot because of their price. I'm happy to add these to my collection. Unlike the last pack, it was easier to choose my Top 3 from this one.

3rd Place
2016 Stadium Club #230 Brock Holt
Another Red Sox to add to my collection! Sadly, the Brock Star has been dealing with concussion symptoms for most of the season. Here's hoping he makes it back soon.

2nd Place
2016 Stadium Club #129 Adam Jones
 That my friends is the look of a man that has a pie and is ready to share with a special teammate...

1st Place
2016 Stadium Club #156 Randal Grichuk
I've only been to St. Louis once, and I made a point to go up inside the Arch. The name on the card may say Randal Grichuk, but the Arch is the star of this photo!

The others:
#59 Ken Giles
#102 Ichiro
#249 Yasmany Thomas
#96 Adam Eaton
#47 Brandon Crawford
#169 Kevin Pillar
#I-16 Carlos Correa
#218 Brandon Belt
#14 Chris Davis

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  1. That arch card is indeed awesome! One of the best card photos I've seen in some time actually.