Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Single Elimination Championship - Bracket Match Up #3

Extra! Extra! Cutch Pulls Plug On Laser Show!

Cutch advances! I honestly thought this one would be a little closer, but nope. The Red Sox fan in me is sad to see Pedey's run end here, but this is my blog and the Bosox are well represented, so no worries.

Today's match up features two men who made their name more for being entertainers than for being ball players. It's an interesting pairing, and to be honest I don't have a clue who will win.

2016 Topps Archives - Bull Durham Autographs #BDA-J William O'Leary
1987 Conlon World Wide Sports Series 2 #9 Al Schacht

The Case for William O'Leary: It's an autograph! Bull Durham is one of the all time great baseball movies! His name is William but you want to call him Jimmy!

The Case for Al Schacht: Antiquated photography looks fantastic. The story behind the card was amazing. Whether or not you vote for him, there's a decent chance you'll see him staring at you in your dreams tonight.

The time to vote is now!


  1. I have to go with the actual athlete over an actor, so conlon it is!

  2. I vote for O'Leary...because the design is 1988 Topps...a design that I'm starting to love.