Thursday, June 15, 2017

Payday Pack - That One Card

Yesterday was payday, so as usual I popped by Wally World to grab a pack. There was one pack of Archives left, so I grabbed it. I liked last year's Archives a lot, and had seen fairly positive reviews of this year's set on other blogs. Whenever a set is released, I obviously look to see what Red Sox are in it, and there's always at least one card that stands out. That one card that I hope to get above all others. Archives was no different, and ever since I saw it, I hoped I would pull it in what few packs of Archives I may buy. Did I get it in this pack?

Spoiler Alert: Yes!

Here are my 3 favorite cards:

3rd Place
2017 Topps Archives #188 Ozzie Smith

Padre Ozzie rocks that afro!

2nd Place
2017 Topps Archives #33 Miguel Sano

Something about the way he is posed makes him look almost majestic.

1st Place
2017 Topps Archives - 1960 Rookie Stars #RS-3 Andrew Benintendi

The original Rookie Stars also featured a young Red Sox outfielder with a long name. Will Benintendi have a Hall of Fame career like Carl Yastremski? Time will tell, but he's fun to watch, and this if my first card of  his!

The Others:
#20 Jonathan Lucroy
#52 Bo Jackson
#13 Jorge Alfaro
#63 Ryon Healy
#6 Ryan Braun
#246 Wil Myers
#256 Ian Desmond
#290 Kevin Gausman
#252 Evan Gattis
#206 John Lackey
#RO-13 Francisco Lindor
#172 Rich Hill
#152 Victor Martinez
#182 Justin Turner
#158 Hunter Renfroe

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  1. Nice. The bo jackson is a sweet find. My walmarts suck. Found 1 clearance 2106 pack...that's it