Thursday, June 1, 2017

Payday Pack - Boot To The Head

I don't spend a lot on cards. Between work, family and the responsibilities of adulthood, I just don't have the time and funds I'd like to devote to the hobby. Still, this doesn't mean I won't satisfy my desire to open a pack. I'll usually reward myself on payday by buying a pack, and I try to keep it limited to just that biweekly purchase. (Spoiler: It doesn't always happen). I decided to share my spoils with you few readers.

I've been tempted to buy a pack of either Gypsy Queen or Bunt. The blog reviews I've read have been fairly positive, and they both look pretty good. I held off on that temptation, however, because Wally World had cards on clearance. I picked up a pack of last year's Stadium Club instead.

Initially, my though for this blog post was to share my 3 favorite cads in the pack. Stadium Club makes this problematic because the photographs in this set are amazing. I could make a serious case for 7 out of the 12 cards. Although there were better pictures, I'm giving these three the edge based on amusement factor:

Honorable Mention
2016 Stadium Club #141 Mookie Betts
As a Red Sox fan, it's always a good pack when you get Mookie in it. It's a great action shot too!

3rd Place
2016 Stadium Club #38 Frank Thomas
Did the White Sox have to get permission from Nike to use that swoosh on his batting glove?

2nd Place
2016 Stadium Club #216 Noah Syndergaard
Noah and Travis d'Arnaud are throwing some serious side-eye here. I wish I knew the context, because they don't seem to believe what they're witnessing.

1st Place
2016 Stadium Club #93 C.J. Wilson
What is going on here? Is C.J. trying out for an MMA league or something? He's really going all out here, just like his hair. Throw in that his sky-blue glove looks huge in perspective to his hand, and we have a winner!

The others:
#105 Bryce Harper
#234 Kyle Gibson
#28 Dee Gordon
#181 Manny Banuelos
#232 Sean Doolittle
#CS-3 Josh Donaldson
#231 Starlin Castro
#157 Mike Leake

What do you think? Would you have a different Top 3?

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