Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Repack Haiku #4 (Milwaukee Brewers)

I stumbled upon
an uncorrected error
What was seven games?

2006 Topps #281 Milwaukee Brewers TC

2006 Topps #281 Milwaukee Brewers TC (back)

While coming up with something to write about, I noticed the back had something unusual. It had the phrase "7 games" written twice with no context. Being unfamiliar with the set, I went looking on the TCDB. Turns out this card is missing some sub-headers, and the 7 games refer to the longest wining and losing streaks for the team. Further research shows other team sets also were missing these sub-headers, and it was not notated as of yet on the database. I sent a quick message to the Admin, and now it is properly notated as an UER.

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